10 Things from BBC News

1. £1m made up of £20 notes weighs 25 times as much as the equivalent of £1m in 500 euro notes.
2. The Downing Street front door used to be green.
3. And it has its own cleaner.
4. Shakespeare’s Henry VIII is considered jinxed because during a performance in 1613, the Globe theatre burned down.
5. The prime minister’s first task is always to answer the question of whether he would retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack.
6. More than half of Spain’s cabinet is female.
7. China smokes one third of the world’s cigarettes.
8. And there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts discarded each year.
9. Florence Nightingale used the pseudonym “Miss Smith” to evade the media.
10. Hair is used to clean up oil spills because it is adsorbent

Mickey Mouse was going to be Mortimer Mouse

When I was about 9, I watched a biography about Walter Disney.

There was one interesting and useless fact that stuck with me all these years.

Apparently he wanted to name his first character Mortimer Mouse. But, his wife had more common sense (as they tend to) and told him it wasn’t a good name.

She suggested Mickey Mouse. And so it began…